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    8-tube bundle container
    Execution standard : ISO11120 Cylinder-design , structure and test of seamless and reusable steel
    tube with a capacity between 150 L to3000 L .ISO 668 Classification , dimensions and ratings of
    series 1 container

    Container ItemData

    Cylinder ItemData
    TypeGSJ08-2210-CNG-25Working pressure25MPa
    Container quality26762KgWorking temperature-50~65℃
    Filling quality4010KgMain material4130X
    Rated weight30772Kgcylinder QTY8
    Major risk category2.1Total volume17.68M3
    UN code1049Pressure for water pressure test37.5MPa
    Filling mediumCNGDimension(mm)559×17.4×10975
    Gas tightness test pressure25MPaDesign temperature65℃
    Pipeline water pressure test pressure37.5MPaMedium propertyExplosive
    Filling amount5569Nm3

    Bursting discsBurst pressure37.5MPa
    Dimension (mm)12192x2438x1400
    TransportingHighway combined transportBursting disc device discharge aperture
    Design service lifeFifteen years High standard CNG jumbo tube skid