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    Company Introduction
    We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting excellent Inflatable air column packing roll to clients. Pack Well Air Packaging keeps improving and developing since 2006, the year we established. With product range covers all inflatable air packaging products in the market, Pack Well provides air pack solutions for luggage, handbags, liquid product, electronics, cosmetic, instrument, ceramic, art wares, household electrical appliances, furniture, hardware products, glasswork and exquisite instrument. Almost all products can be protected effectively by air filling cushion packaging.
    Tube Air Inflatable Packing Roll
    Product Parameters
    MaterialLDPE + NYLON 7 layers co-extruded material
    Tube diameter before inflation5cm
    Tube diameter after inflation3cm
    Thickness50/60/75/100micron/layer or customizes thickness
    Width of the packing roll20-120cm
    ColorClear, Black or customized color
    Applied air pressure0.06-0.08MPa
    SampleFree sample available
    Air Chamber Width and Thickness after Inflation

    1. Cosmetic products, Daily chemicals, Toiletries;
    2. Liquor, Wine, Red wine, Soy sauce, Vinegar;
    3. Electronic product, Mobile phones, Pad, Computer, Laptop, GPS, TV, Security Monitor, Set-top box;
    4. Glassware, Vase, Glass can, Sauce jar, Honey jar;
    5. Electric appliance: Fridge, Electromagnetic oven, Electric water heater, Microwave oven, Hair drier;
    6. Fruit: Apple, Pear, Pomegranate, Grape, Peach, Kiwi fruit;
    7. Lamps & Lanterns: LED, Long tube fluorescent lamp;
    8. Instrument: Electronic organ, Guitar;
    9. Auto accessories, Instruments;
    10. Office equipment: Toner cartridge, Power bin;
    11. Clocks and watches, Ceramics, Remote control toys, Electrical toy;
    12. Furniture;
    13. Milk power, food, potted flowers.
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